Translation, Norwegian/English

I translate all types of documents including but not limited to legal documents, references, certificates and diplomas, academic papers, scholarly articles, financial statements and annual reports, websites, leaflets, CVs, patient records and patient notes, and PPT presentations.

I provide for a wide range of translation requirements and have extensive experience in:

Agreements and contracts

Birth certificates

Business translation

Expert statements for use in legal hearings including psychologists’ and doctors’ reports

General legal texts

Judgments, pleadings, indictments

Marriage certificates

Medical translation including patient notes and medical records

Marketing texts

Masters’ and doctoral theses (proof-reading/translation)

News bulletins

Press releases

References and letters of recommendations

School certificates (secondary school certificates, university diplomas)

Tax certificates and notices

Tourism and hospitality industry brochures and booklets

Tender documents

Texts for publication in academic journals and academic papers



For larger projects that require delivery in a short time, I work together with colleagues.

Quality assurance

I take the time to research and check terminology to make sure that my translation is precise, thorough and most importantly, a correct representation of your intentions. Above all, I take the time for multiple rounds of proof-reading. Sometimes I might contact you to verify terminology queries to make sure that I offer the best possible version of your text. I take great pride in assuring the quality of my translation and proof-reading work.

Proof-reading and editing

Regardless of your proficiency in English language and expression, having a professional review by a native speaker would ensure a high quality product. As a proof-reader and editor, I thoroughly examine your text noticing minor details while taking the perspective of your intended readership and audience.

Being a native English speaker, I can correct grammatical errors that may have been overlooked — and offer alternative expressions and phrasing suggestions to enhance your text.

My experience in academic writing while obtaining my PhD at Oxford has uniquely prepared me to enhance and polish research texts up to international academic standards — including captions, footnotes and references.

I have edited a number of master’s and doctoral theses written both by native speakers of English and non-native speakers. It can be a simple case of making the text better when it matters.

I frequently edit academic, scientific papers and articles in fields of medicine, law, anthropology and agronomy. My clients include law firms, the Faculty of Law at the University of Oslo, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Radium Hospital, the Norwegian University of Life Sciences, the Arctic University of Tromsø and Nordgen, to name a few.


Background and qualifications

I have studied interpreting at the Oslo University College of Applied Science (now OsloMet) and can be found on Tolkeportalen, the official Norwegian register of qualified interpreters. I am a fully qualified interpreter in both English and Spanish and a member of the Norwegian Association of Interpreters.

As a professional interpreter and member of the Norwegian Association of Interpreters I am bound by a set of professional and ethical standards.

Public sector interpreting

I frequently interpret for the police and in court, including judicial mediation and in criminal cases and civil disputes. On occasion, I interpret in academic or educational settings as consecutive or simultaneous interpreter.

I have interpreting experience from assignments in:

Conciliation Court
Judicial mediation (civil disputes, custody proceedings)
District Court (Oslo and other places in Norway – criminal cases and civil disputes)
Appeal court (Oslo and other places in Norway – criminal cases and civil disputes)
County Social Welfare Board
Conference interpreting (including academic and cultural events)

Interpreting for business and industry

I have interpreted at a variety of events, both large-scale and small, at conferences in fields that include oil and gas, construction and development, aquaculture and working life policy.

I have also been involved as an interpreter in competitive tendering and negotiation processes. Here I have acted as an interpreter (usually with simultaneous interpreting equipment) at the meetings and undertaken translation of written documents after and before meetings – giving my clients an opportunity to prepare for the meetings.

Conference interpreting usually involves simultaneous interpretation and the use of appropriate equipment, as a rule including an interpreters’ booth. Because simultaneous interpreting is exceedingly taxing in cognitive terms, we always work in teams of two. This enables us to take turns, look up important terminology for each other and quality-assure our work.

In conference interpreting, thorough preparation is the key to quality. When scheduled for conference interpreting, I ask to be sent any presentations and other relevant documentations a few days before the event to give me the best possible understanding of the matter at hand.

If required, I can put clients in touch with appropriate suppliers for conference interpreting equipment; this is primarily a need at conferences and meetings in business and industry.